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It’s a web page that generates every FAQ we want to include in the code and automatically converts them into structur data. Here’s the link to the site You can try it out for yourself Builder Tools view of the Builder Tools FAQ schema As we can see in the image we can add our FAQ to enable it in a really easy way then they will be generat in the block corresponding to the pattern code. From here we recommend that you implement a maximum of FAQs and their corresponding answers as starting with the first may be display although more can be includ.

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A view more results button that will make. The user have to click it Finland Mobile Number List to see them. Another advantage this tool provides us is the ability to test code in a structur data tester. After implementing the FAQ if we click on the Test in Structur Data Test Tool button we will go directly to the Structur Data Tester Validator where we can check that our implement schema markup is done correctly and we will be ready to replicate using Copy the FAQ schema button code and bring it into the classic itor.

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The next thing we’re going to do is go to our page posts selection BTC Database US tab. Paste the script at the bottom. IMPORTANT NOTE Please remember that one of Google’s guidelines for such data marking is that FAQs are display. In the content of our page entries. Don’t forget to include them in your content After saving the changes. Will start processing this data markup to display the FAQ snippet if necessary. Method Adding FAQ Schema Using a Plugin The plugin is very easy to use and it’s free. It can download structur content from the repository or from the link below.

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