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However maintaining a blog is a time-consuming process. Think about whether you can maintain your blog or online magazine yourself or better yet hire a writing team. If you want your blog to be a reliable source of information and a magnet for readers then there should be no time gap between posting articles. Who is the microsite for? Purpose Information or entertainment about a particular topic or product. Microsites are the younger brother of corporate websites. Microsites are limited to a few subpages or even a home page. It showcases a specific new product or a well-defined theme.

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A website, on the other hand, showcases a wider range of topics Panama Mobile Number List and services. Microsites often feature a distinctive design that puts a product or topic in the spotlight. They create a positive experience for the user based on the possibility of interactive animations and resource diversity. Corporate freelancer. Use to generate potential leads or complete purchases. So-called landing pages are single-page portals that inform the visitor about a specific product in order to motivate him to take a certain action. This page has a distinctly advertising character. Subpages are not used but similar to detailed sales communications can be used.

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Video and graphics are enriched. In the best case users BTC Database US will consume the content and are willing to pay for a physical or digital product or service or enter their email address. Most of these pages are designed as part of an online marketing campaign when users click on or are redirected to an ad on a social network. Who is the online store for? The purpose is to sell a physical product or service online. Products can be sold well through landing pages but for some products an online store is required. The products and their properties are presented without problems in the online shop.