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If we don’t follow good practices and implement them correctly we can have serious problems with tracking spa. In order that you can get all the information about it you can use the full image guide. Step 1 checks that the image has the correct format, weights, compression, lazy-loading and conforms to standards. Do you have questions? Don’t miss our detail guide on how to optimize your images for Image SEO Guide Rich Data Markup Whether you post a recipe Job Opportunity Article Video Data Markup can mean the difference between being or.

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If we tell Google the type of content we’re creating it will UAE Mobile Number List in turn show it more prominently in search results. Review all types of data tags available in your audit to see if your site has any to implement. Content Strategy Blogs and articles are one of the most important sources of traffic to a website. If you manage to create evergreen content with repeat searches and always effective content you will get a steady flow of customers for your business. Also the first step before making any purchase is information in the sense that the article plays a fundamental role.

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Create a monthly content plan and make sure it BTC Database US aligns with the most important keywords for your business. Also always analyze old publish content to see if it can be update or improve to get more traffic. After the index page optimization part is complete, we will continue to review from the perspective of project index status. Let’s go ahead and track errors. Our pages are index in Google in several stages. First Google visits our page, then analyzes it, crawls it, and finally indexes it. There are phases that are distinct from each other and it is important that we pay attention to each phase to avoid problems.

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