What is digital transformation

It also helps instill the same language and a common understanding of digital to enable future and cross-departmental thinking. This not only empowers employees and provides new knowlge. But it encourages teams to think outside the areas they work in and offers ways for recruits to get to grips with the company. For example. It could be beneficial for a new marketing member to sit in on the weekly sales meeting to learn the lingo and see the tactics us to drive conversions. Or for the sales team to review its of a blog to understand the importance of seo keywords in lead generation. It’s about enabling marketing and sales alignment to drive growth and success. 3) offer continuous professional development companies that invest in the right experience for their people and prepare for the future.

Better at cross-selling

Tend to outperform their competitors. Delivering 19% more growth in revenue than competitors and 15% more profit according to mit management. “these companies are also more innovative. Better at cross-selling. And deliver a significantly better customer experience.” said kristine dery. A research scientist at the mit center for information systems research. To prepare your employees for the demands of the digital world. You ne to future-proof their careers. Continuous professional development (cpd) schemes provide a way to offer relevant and up-to-date learning for a range of core and specializ skills. There are great benefits of cpd to both your employee and organization and it doesn’t have to be complicat. Many specialist companies – dmi includ – offer simple and effective ways to learn new skills and earn cpd points such as reading an ebook. Completing a short course. Or listening to a podcast. Once you identify the skills gaps in your organization.

You can tailor your in-house training

You can tailor your in-house training and cpd programs and regularly update them to reflect the changes in the marketplace to keep skills current. 4) develop a rewards scheme to incentivize learning it can be difficult for your staff to fit in learning on top of all their other responsibilities. To encourage learning. It can be useful to create a system of incentives to motivate and reward. These can take many forms: offer dicat time for training – this gives employees dicat time to switch off work and focus on learning. It could be on a weekly or monthly basis.