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Of these objects, the values ​​​​of the attribute type properties will be set. The transfer of the subject matter to the long-term assets for sale category is bas on the act of changing the property type. A similar behavior is us in the current implementation of the system to reflect transfers of objects to and vice versa. This functionality will be expand and will allow all reclassification scenarios reflecting fix assets intangible assets temporarily not us in core activities and long-term assets for sale under regulation no. Each transfer plan will provide a corresponding set of entries includ in the fix assets in the distribution accounting transaction of the subsystem.

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Means of labor and objects of labor at the time of Bulk SMS Belgium initial recognition. Should be carri out within. The framework of the goods and materials accounting subsystem. You can apply the general functionality of this subsystem to these objects. The main change that distinguishes the accounting of labor means and objects from other objects. Of warehouse accounting will be the assignment of new types of accounts. In which case the accounting scheme for these objects will be implement on individual accounts. The transfer of labor instruments to fix assets, components of intangible assets or the act of transferring goods and materials to use can be done in the usual way.

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Value revaluation the revaluation model assumes BTC Database US that. The value of an asset ne s to be revalu on a regular basis. This will most correctly reflect the actual price of the asset on the organization’s balance sheet and annual statements. After analyzing the new types of properties and the operations they perform. Understanding their nature, the company decid to organize. The accounting of these objects in the software package following the following principles.

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