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That the allocation of access rights depends on the user’s job responsibilities as well as the geographical and organizational structure of the bank. Finally the system must support the organization of specific bank-specific business process capabilities. The business process should provide automatic generation, manual input and import of information from the outside, control and endorsement with the participation of experts such as banking department, application department, service, security service, etc. Make decisions based on the results of information processing, about accepting customer service, performing operations, rejecting maintenance, forming messages, etc.

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Treed and corrected export information China Business Fax List export protocol generation log records. The entire list of requirements and even such an overview give an idea of ​​the complexity of the task of monitoring a bank’s finances. If we impose the most pressing multifaceted scalability and extensibility requirements legislation and development of internal and external practices and all this in the face of increasing the greater responsibility modern financial surveillance requires new solutions is finally becoming clear. The history of the functionality in the new solution dates back to the first half of the 1990s when the architecture of existing mechanisms was determined.

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To the second or third stage of development of. The four BTC Database US subject areas listed in the first section of this paper. Now in the fourth stage, let us solve the most urgent and responsible tasks. So for example in the latest changes we can name improvements according. To the changes introduced by the federal law no. 1 passed in 2009 and its by-laws. There is even a separate article dedicated to this topic. But soon banks may face some architectural constraints when carrying out future tasks. Knowing this we have figured out how to refactor the functionality is necessary.