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Now how those clicks are distributed get about a third of the clicks. Benefit from slightly lower traffic. Users who clicked on that result accounted for about 100% of the total. That is to say for a keyword like agency/monthly appointment search you might be craving monthly appointment/monthly appointment/monthly appointment/monthly appointment/interesting right and how other search engines work as we already commented a search engine’s top priority is to deliver exactly what users are looking for, when they need it. For this they collect.

Therefore during the year we have been executing the following projects

Indexes and organizes all information available on Northeast Mobile Phone Number List the internet and returns it in order of relevance when queried by internet users. Keywords vs. Search intent in google we have traditionally used keywords to identify those user queries and we have to work hard to target pages of interest to us. Today we know that’s not how it works we replaced old keywords with search intent which is a broader concept to better gather what users want. We can define search intent as a user’s need for information at a specific moment.

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Whereas a keyword or keyword would be the BTC Database US exact written expression of. That need that is entered into a search engine. We thus find that there can be an infinite number of different keywords for the same search intent whereas. A single keyword without context can respond to different intents. Keywords and search intent as our job is to optimize our pages. That they respond to our potential customers’ search intent in the best possible way. Only then can we reach the top of the rankings. Machine learning and but how search engines interpret users’ search intent over the past few years.