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The For example Latin script httpssite.runewslatest and translit httpssite.runovostiposlednie Correct Choose one style for all site URLs. A consistent URL style simplifies site navigation and makes it more understandable for users and search engines. Missing keywords in URL An example of an error httpssite.ruarticle Thats right httpssite.rurecipesvegetariansalad Including keywords in URLs helps improve SEO by making pages more relevant to search queries.  the page is about without even clicking on the link. Read also How to properly build a website navigation system for SEO benefits Services for creating CNC In most CMSs humanreadable URLs can be generated automatically or using special plugins. But if your CMS does not support this use special online services.

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Here are some of them SeoLinks This free and easytouse service Iran Phone Number List quickly converts Russian words into humanreadable URLs. Just enter your phrase in Russian and SeoLinks will automatically transliterate it replacing spaces with hyphens. You can then copy the resulting URL and use it for your website. Services for creating CNC SeoLinks Advego. transliteration according to Yandex rules. It is useful for transforming text removing punctuation and automatically adding hyphens where needed. This makes Advego.Translit a convenient tool for creating SEOoptimized URLs. Services for creating CNC Advego.

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Translit SEO URL generator This simple free service also Iran Phone Number List converts Russian phrases into CNC. Services for creating CNC SEO URL generator If you need to translate a phrase into English and create a URL from it you can use any online translator like Google Translate. But in this case you will have to put hyphens instead of spaces manually. Main CNC Usage Facilitates user interaction with the resource as they immediately understand the essence of the page. Improves indexing by search robots due to keywords in the address. Increases the clickability of links in search results. When creating a CNC it is important to take into account the length and readability.