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A usable website, among other benefits, increases user satisfaction, increases traffic, increases user dwell time and builds their loyalty. What does it mean to optimize the usability of a website now Layer and structure content so that users always know where they are and can be brows intuitively. Bet on clean, clear and simple designs to avoid unnecessary resources that smear the image. The main menu and header must be prominent so that the user himself can control the navigation at any time and decide where he wants to go. Betting on Responsive Design Responsive or Responsive Design is bas on ensuring that the web adapts perfectly from any type of device.

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View different sizes and resolutions for phones, laptops or Cameroon Mobile Number List desktops, any type of screen, tablets, desktop diagnostic pages, desktop diagnostic pages, mobile diagnostic pages, mobile diagnostic pages, and our advice when designing a website is to follow Google’s directions for mobile-first indexing ie Design with mobile in mind and then adapt to desktop. If you do this you will be successful. Forget Black Hat If you’ve been in this world for a while you’ve no doubt heard of black hat, a controversial set of techniques that can be us to trick Google into improving results quickly and dramatically. We have some bad news that black hat almost never works even more so in the long run.

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These are the actions that serve the top of the web years ago BTC Database US before Panda and Penguin but had fewer and fewer followers because they meant a very high risk of penalty. Tip if you are tempt by the siren call of black hats all love to try something new and different but if you want to try out your own project never risk visiting the customer page. Making sure you’re visible to search engines is a beginner’s mistake but more common than you might think. The directives in the website protect sites that aren’t ready to publish from being seen and index by search engines, which is exactly what it should be. Make sure to remove it before publishing the network otherwise.