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Don’t forget that other tools will give you other data and other very interesting features when choosing keywords. I’ll explain this at the end of the article where I’ll do some quick comparisons to give you an idea. Keyword Research The keyword research feature is the main function of this official tool. Allows you to analyze the average search volume for keywords related to a term over the past month and each specific month therein. Activity level. Difficulty competes with approximate cost. Bid and other interesting data related to search device geography and language. Apart from that it also allows you to see specific keyword suggestions which is a very interesting feature.

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Your own pages or those of your competitors can be analyzed and researched Lebanon Mobile Number List Traffic Statistics and Forecasting Although the main function is keyword research, it also has a forecasting tool mainly for campaigns, adds a keyword list saving function, and also shows the likely traffic that can bring you this type of keyword grouping in your campaign. predictions and the price paid. Once this plan is complete you can send it directly to the event for development and processing. The quest therefore is to facilitate the creation of advertisements by users using tools that are as simple and intuitive as possible. How Keyword Planner Works The basic operation of the tool is very simple Visiting you will take you to the tool’s introductory page.

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Once you’ve accessed Keyword Planner, you can start using the tool BTC Database US Keyword Planner Basics When you access it, you may not know how to use every element of the tool or it will force you to create an account first. We’ll delve into these simpler features first before moving on to more advanced features. How to Create an Account The first thing to do if you don’t have an account is to create one. All you have to do is read and follow the on-screen steps. It may also force you to set up 2-step verification 2-step verification How to log in After registering and completing the verification, you can start using the tool in the initial window.