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A conversation with a friendbuilding a relationship in the newsletter Back to the list of entries Facebook Twitter LinkIn Google Pinterest Buffer What connects true friendship with email marketing communication Let’s see why we should tear down the wall between producer and consumer. And most importantly let’s find out what it will give you and your recipient. When starting e mail marketing activities people responsible for them often forget that the contact database they upload is more than just numbers.

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These are not just numbers that are suppos to translate into conversion or sales. With a wrong assumption it’s hard to personalize content.  for the newsletter sender because in e mail marketing the principle of as you are to me so I to you works very Canadian CEO Email Lists well. A customer receiving an e mail address to the general public will be less likely to read its content or respond to a call to action. It may even be tempting to say that as a sender you do not realize who you are dealing with on the other side. So how do you prevent such a reaction Loyal customer  friend What connects a newsletter customer base with true friendship Well a lot but the most important common feature is trust.

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Demonstrat and maintain trust in the company

Customer loyalty is defin by ‘s mission activities and products. If when communicating with clients we take into account trust as well as the ne to build relationships we are able to achieve much higher results. This is because the client is no longer just an unknown BTC Database US recipient of the value we provide but becomes an active participant in building and creating a brand. Real activation of recipients makes them identify with the company creating an intimate hermetic environment often call clubs or fan clubs.

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