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Rocket main menu assuming we didn’t face any problems installing it we start by explaining its interface and different optimization options. Clicking on the desktop tab displays this screen rocket main menu main menu view welcome message and options at first we can leave without taking any action but we will explain it. My account if you purchas the view my account box will take you to the user page so you can complete and view everything relat to your user profile there data billing etc rocket is a service that is offer for a relatively short period of time.

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The goal is to be able to provide the necessary tools to achieve Find Your Phone Numbers optimal performance without looking for solutions outside of plugins. There are other very popular services such as or they work just as well. Subscription my status in this option we have two switches to enable it is the improvement program for testing its version. You must contact them by email. You agree to anonymously share your performance data with the development team to help improve. There’s nothing to say here and this is a personal decision that shouldn’t affect performance. Configuring the cache in the time to get into the configuration options let’s start with the cache.

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Cache options in rocket cache options in the second BTC Database US tab of the plugin we can see what cache options it offers us. Let’s remember in that we are optimizing page caching as we will see now we also have an option for logg in users but you have to be careful with this option. Mobile caching usually refers to phones and tablets as well but this time we are only talking about mobile devices. Detects through the user agent that we are browsing from a smartphone. We will always activate this option because usually the desktop and mobile designs are different except me.