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Configure advanced settings to finish configuring the online store you have to go to the menu where you will see that it has now been added and has its own menu. In settings general you can access the settings we made earlier and modify them if necessary. Set up products in the next product tab in the general section you can choose the store front page where the product catalog will be displayed specify the weight unit size and activate ratings and reviews. Management of product catalogs is activated by default in the inventory section. Here you can hide out-of-stock items and control how quantities are displayed in your store.

How to receive collect calls on cell phone

In downloadable products, if you are selling Lithuania Mobile Number List digital products, you can configure the method of downloading files, specify access restrictions, require login or allow downloads only if the product has been paid for. The download shipping tab contains three sections. The first is the shipping area we saw earlier in the configuration wizard. The second is the shipping option which allows you to activate the shipping calculator during purchase or to display the cost when the customer fills in the address and you can decide whether the goods will be shipped by default to the customer’s shipping address or billing address. Sea freight last next you can group similar products together.

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How to put collect calling on a cell phone

Set a different rate for each group. Available payment BTC Database US methods and whether they are valid or not are displayed in the payment tab. From here you can configure each and decide which one you want to show up. As the first option when a user makes a purchase. In accounts and privacy you can indicate customer permissions when placing an order. Allow purchases as a guest, create an account at the end of a purchase, automatically create a password, etc. Accounts and privacy the emails sent to users in email about. The status of their purchases are customized new order canceled order processing your order completed order returned.

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