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If referring to the autumn season is only possible by force or you don’t have any good idea start with packagingin leaves and autumn colors and promotional codesdiscount on the code AUTUMN . Ecommerce marketing and autumn habits Interestingly with the changing seasons the activity and preferences of your recipients also change . Customers are primarily looking for warmth relaxation comfort and peace. You may have trouble selling running shoes or roller skates in large quantities but green tea blankets and game consoles will better match the mood of your customers. According to available sources select industries record up to more traffic in online stores on cold and rainy days.

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Put simply people stay at home more often and longer and are more likely to engage with the brand. Use autumn in email marketing This gives you two great possibilities. First you can schule email marketing campaigns bas on weather forecasts preferably Austria Business Fax List weather radars . In some cases campaigns sent on days with bad weather will open a little more often and may convert better. Secondly periods of inclement weather are a good time for remarketing campaigns . Many recipients are taking advantage of more free time at home and are starting to return to things postpon for later.

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Remarketing campaigns or bas on further stages of the so call sales funnel are then often the most effective. We have already written about funnels lead nurt BTC Database US uring and drip campaigns on our blog . autumn email marketing campaigns Autumn deals for email marketing campaigns You can start remarketing by choosing the right moment for sending an email marketing newsletter and broadcasting ads. Fall isn’t just about Western Halloween. Depending on your offer and ingenuity you can try to set autumn communication for example on Teacher’s Day October Andrew’s Day November All Saints November Advent December MikoĊ‚ajki December.