To This End We Have Developed

A combin scrolling map consisting of two regions. Reporting period and its parameters image reporting period and its parameters reporting parameters are display next to the list of reporting periods and are automatically updat once the user selects one or another period. For even more convenience we provide the ability to use special icons to select the position of the combin scrolling areas relative to each other horizontally or vertically. Horizontal alignment of images in the scroll area.

Horizontal arrangement of the scrolling

Area each scrolling function is plac in the toolbar. Consolidat SMS Gateway Denmark reports after entering the report consolidat panel view, the user will see all previously open reports gather in one panel. This will not change the user’s working principles but will significantly improve his awareness of integrat reporting. Reports summary panel which sectors reports provide more information just click on the expander icon sector details graph. A window will open at the top of the scroll listing all departments that generat reports during this period. You can view the report list by segment by highlighting the desir row and the details will open below it in a separate scroll.

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Opening the department details

Window diagram opening the department details window setting BTC Database US details the interface using. The setting sheet is a screen window divid into two parts. On the left is a list of regulations. Changes have been made to the adjustment table in the report form according to these regulations. The list is present in the form of a tree at. The upper level the number of instructions and sub-levels are compos of sections of the reporting table. Each report form has its own sections and descriptions. The mixer itself is locat in the diagram on the right.