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To create meaningful structures they must be friendly and descriptive. Linking subcategories to categories is strongly recommend, although some do not allow this. Special care must be taken not to duplicate products in different categories. Using breadcrumbs you will be able to help your users navigate and locate within your website architecture. Building a logical structure for internal linking A coherent structure will help Google understand the architecture of your site and guarantee optimal index ability. It will also improve the user’s browsing experience. Highlight the most important categories and products in your store. In this way, the authority of the home page is transferr to these pages.

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If you ne more information check out our article on how to China Mobile Number List create the best architecture. The basics of an eCommerce page By choosing keywords and defining the information architecture it is time to deal with everything relat to the content of the page i.e. on the page. At this point aspects such as the title meta description anchor text and other elements we will describe below. Heading it is the relevant text because it uses it to understand what the page is about. The title is the part of the clip shown in blue in the search. Given its importance we must spend time optimizing it. Title of eCommerce Category Title Example Title is require.

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Must be as descriptive as possible, contain keywords BTC Database US on the left and include the brand name in no more than characters. You can also evaluate for the inclusion of secondary keywords or terms such as buy online or offer etc. The meta description appears below the meta description title. This is the black text of the fragment. Its purpose is to get the user’s attention. It must be attractive and descriptive and no longer than characters. Meta Description for a Product Meta Description Example The meta description cannot be as relevant a factor as the title. However, even if it doesn’t have a direct impact on positioning it can have an impact on conversion and click-through rates by grabbing the user’s attention.