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Sufficient number of parameters which allow you to generate orders for specific client trades and trades complet on the specifi trading platform. Dr operations can be start randomly manually or on a sch ule using the task sch uler or on an event system allowing you to add new types of events to the ones provid in the distribution. Orders are generat for transactions that have not yet been process at each startup. As you can see everything is simple one of the more interesting aspects of the internal accounting solution is the handling of internal accounting.

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Accounting creat a special operation internal Central African Republic Email List accounting service operation. This operation generates an internal accounting settlement transaction for each operation of the transaction. This important object was also provid in previous versions of the module and contains the following set of properties: operations, operations, types of operations, transactions, payments, commissions, payments, receipt of funds from clients, delivery of securities, etc. By operation: amount, quantity, information about main documents, client’s trade order, order execution report from deposit system, otc netting agreement or purchase/sale agreement, payment order, etc.

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Accounting head or securities internal accounting head BTC Database US for each settlement transaction the postings are form depending on the type of financial instrument operat . Service operations for internal accounting can be start manually or repeat ly by a sch uler during the day according to a configur sch ule or event. Debits and cr its you probably guess that we also add a service operation for accounting purposes. But not only that, the accounting task is also requir to solve another new operation, the transfer operation of the off-balance sheet accounting subject.