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From the carousel of options for the class Google shows the most relevant and hotels it offers searching hotels in Asturias We will to see the prices on the map for the hotel results we have on the left And prices for other hotels that Google deems relevant are thus also . Organic results are taken over these big travel sites Search engines online comparisons Searches for hotels Organic results for hotels in Asturias As we can see the results pages are changing by leaps bounds. Google’s algorithm has become more optimiz for organic results being rank more.

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This feature replaces Rich Snippets Site links Featur Videos and Image Indonesia Mobile Number List Carousels Local Package Shopping Ads. For this reasonĀ  also to the increasing competition it is necessary to implement a strategy for the hotel through well-keyword research so that we can capture as many quality as ultimately achieve the ultimate goal of making a on our hotel website. Using Tools to Analyze Competitors There are many tools in the market that can be us to research our organic competitors and analyze the type of strategies they are executing. One of these tools is that with it we will be able to get from our.

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Many conclusions drawn in the game. Let’s take BTC Database US a look at it if we continue with. The example of Asturias hotels and search for the term Asturias hotels using. The keyword explorer function Hotel SEO Search Term Asturias Top Organic Competitor. Analysis for Hotels We will be able to see the different metrics provid. For us to analyze the competition as a whole. The ranking shows the strength of the website’s link profile relative to the database. And domain ratio is a granular version of point-bas logarithmic scale where is the highest rank.