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The methods Lossy analogous to JPEG for fullcolor photographs. WebP reduces the size of images removing unnecessary information. It analyzes neighboring pixels and predicts the values of the next pixels. It then encodes only the difference between the actual and predicted value. With a significant reduction in size some details of the picture may be lost. Lossless analogous to PNG for images with transparency. With lossless compression WebP uses already encoded image fragments to accurately reconstruct new pixels. WebP files consist of VP or VP L image data and a special RIFF container.

How WebP differs from other formats

There is an open source libwebp library for working with WebP. It implements Italy Telegram Number Data all the functions of this format programmatically. For more information about compression methods see Google Help . Now lets take a closer look at the features of the JPEG PNG GIF formats and the advantages of WebP JPEG optimal for photographs and other fullcolor images. But it has a significant drawback when compressed the quality and detail of the picture noticeably deteriorates. Study. In Google presented the results of a largescale comparative test of the efficiency of image compression in JPEG and WebP formats. We took hundreds of photographs and converted them into two formats of the same quality.

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The size of the resulting image files was then Latvia Phone Number List analyzed and compared. As a result it was confirmed that WebP on average reduces the size of images by compared to JPEG while maintaining full quality. Compared to JPEG WebP provides Reduce file size by without visible loss of image quality. For example a KB image in JPEG will be KB in WebP. Support for transparent backgrounds and animations which are not available in JPEG. Higher quality with the same file size. The image looks sharper and more detailed. PNG This format is optimal for images with transparency.