Get cited on websites with a good EAT level

This is where link building appears : for the search engine to understand your authority in the market. It must be referenced by other sites that also have quality and authority. Last year, Google released updates to its guidelines demonstrating even. Greater concern about EAT factors for YMYL sites . This type of page, usually in the medical, legal or financial areas. Contains information that makes people make important decisions for their lives. If you work with this type of website, EAT is even more important. After all, Google needs to trust that its content won’t put people at risk.

User experience UX

As we saw in the previous topic, user satisfaction email leads is still extremely relevant to the success of an SEO strategy. However, it is important to note that this satisfaction does not depend only on qualified and relevant content. It is necessary to offer a complete experience. Therefore, investing in user experience (UX) techniques is one of the top SEO trends for 2021. But what does that mean? Don Norman, co-founder of Nielsen Norman Group, coined the term UX. In this video, you can watch Norman explain the concept.

Core Web Vitals and page experience

In addition to efforts to optimize users’ digital BTC Databases experience, Google launched Core Web Vitals in 2020. As you saw in the topic about user experience, the main factors are related to loading, interactivity and visual stability. The idea is to offer the best possible page experience. But after all, what are Core Web Vitals and how will they affect SEO rankings in 2021? Google itself, in its Central Blog ,The LCP measures exactly how long it takes for a page to load and display its main content. Therefore, it refers to the Core Web Vitals load factor.

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