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In the multitude of identical looking messages the user of most of them simply does not open. It is important to bet on loyalty in your audience base. Users who know our brand not only wait for the newsletter but also will certainly visit our website which in turn is associat with a greater chance of making a purchase. The period of Santa Claus and Christmas is a hot time for all marketers so it is important that the actions taken translate into customer satisfaction. Mariusz Knapik Compliance Team Manager How can a company stand out during the holiday season In many ways Christmas is a special time.

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There is probably no one who is completely indifferent to him. For some it is a traditional opportunity to spend time with family. For others it is a Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List commercial festival that has lost its original meaning. No matter how you judge this period from my point of view it is always worth focusing on your own uniqueness and authenticity. Instead of competing to see who will put a fancier Christmas tree in the newsletter it is better to refer to what identifies the company in the eyes of the customer and is its greatest value.

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It will certainly help to build a relationship bas not only on sales but also on informing about the company’s successes interesting facts from the industry or mistakes that are inherent in running a business. What would you advise companies from the customer’s point of view Where do you like to buy gifts When I plan to buy gifts my attention is first dra BTC Database US wn to companies that are recommend by friends and family. I also look at reviews online. I believe that companies that care about the positive shopping experience of customers are always worth rewarding with repeat visits. What to watch out for when it comes to sending an email campaign “Content is a king” says one of the most well known principles of marketing. In general it is difficult to disagree with this statement.

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