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 Inner advertising (IAB standard ): Inner advertising is suitable for standard IAB containers found outside Feed, which contains “…The content of the context in the advertisement, the link to the page outside the station, has been sold at a guaranteed display position, and is measured according to brand indicators such as interaction and brand upgrade.

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” Self-definition/unavailability: This category is left to strange content and advertisements  new database  that do not meet any other content category. Digital platforms Primary advertising platforms are divided into two categories, commonly referred to as “ open ” and “ closed ” platforms, but mixed options are often used. The closed platform is a brand-created format, the purpose is to promote its content essentially on its website.

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 The advertisements seen on these platforms will not be seen on other platforms, because these types of advertisements are generated for their individual use, and are built around displaying advertising units within a specific agenda of the website. In  BTC Database US  other words, the advertisements posted on the closed platform originate from the platform brand itself. Popular examples include promotional tweets on Twitter, sponsorship stories and video advertisements on Facebook.