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The structure of future modern financial monitoring in the following figure. Figure modern financial monitoring function architecture the function is based on the principle of modularization, that is, each part is isolated from each other and the function is closed into a module. The interaction between modules is based on a well-formed interface. The same applies to the interaction with the service system. Internal systems run in the bank and its directly related departments. External systems run in specialized departments of the related bank or even outsourced. It is provided by specially implemented connectors.

The necessity of the principle

Of modularity is determined by the specifics Dubai Business Fax List of the subject area and the accumulated difficult experience. Layers of legislative campaigns and the exigencies of customers, if no special measures are taken, eventually turn the initially most ingenious executable code into a mess unsuitable for further development. Maintenance and development. Behind each module in the diagram is a different set of solutions. For example, the operation check module should be a graph like this. As you can see the functional fragmentation continues on the internal level of the module. Not only does it benefit developers bank users are also free to adjust the functionality of the module to optimize its use.

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For example if the bank thinks

That certain checks may result in a refusal to perform the BTC Database US operation it will include them in the check at the operation step if not then in the procedure at the end of the day. If the bank thinks the check is irrelevant it may not get permission for it at all. This mostly involves checks on topics that are more operationally focused. Check rules are indicated by topic blocks in the diagram. These checks are advisory in nature and often implement rather heavy algorithms through the overloading system. But such checks must be provided in distribution packages so that banks can switch to using them at any time.