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Tright goal. You can see the process of adding tracking codes in mailings here After opening the mailing the trace of the recipient was lost. How can you remind him of yourself Surely you already know that you can show ads to people who have visit your website. These are the so call remarketing campaigns. You can also direct them to people who open your mailings . In the campaign you have prepar you can place a link that will allow you to collect. A remarketing database in Google Analytics. Later you can use such an audience list to create ads personaliz for specific target groups in the Google Ads platform.

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Instructions for placing a tracking pixel in a campaign can be found here . Analyze statistics thanks to integration with Google Analytics Without analysis there is no good strategy. How do you want to achieve your goals if not by learning from your Lithuania WhatsApp Number List mistakes and successes By drawing conclusions from your actions so far measuring the results and looking closely at the statistics you can afford to build an effective marketing strategy bas on your experience. Tip from the author Optimize your activities by controlling the traffic generat by clicks on links.

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Thanks to the integration of FreshMail with the Google Analytics platform you can watch the traffic generat on your website and. Check which specific links cause the highest conversion. You can integrate FreshMail with Google Analytics in two ways.  links can be autom BTC Database US atically tagg with UTM tags that will be track by GA. In the Google Analytics panel information about the traffic generat by each of the links contain in the e mail will be available . It is also possible to use the Email Marketing Automation functionality and autoresponders generat on the basis of specific behavior of recipients on the website.