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Adjusting payments is especially important for lease agreement payment dates because accounting rules assume that rents are reflect in time for the payment date specifi in the agreement. In order not to miss the moment of the current lease settlement the system implements a proc ure to monitor the time of fulfillment of obligations. As a result of its work a report is generat daily stating how many days until the sch ul payment or repayment date or at what stage the fact of late payment and repayment was identifi . The composition of the accounting entries us to record lease payments also depends on the value of the payment date parameter.

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With the actual payment and or repayment date Czechia Email List and according to this one or the other scheme the issue block is select . Lease payments together with dates also contain complete information about the amounts consider in accounting and tax accounting when paying and repaying the lease obligation. All amounts are express in the contract currency. The ruble equivalent for contract amounts conclud in foreign currencies is calculat at the exchange rate specifi in the exchange rate field of the phase adjustment panel.

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The rate type of the central bank of the russian eration may BTC Database US differ on the date of payment and the date of r emption. It is true that such a discrepancy is only possible with installments after repayment. In the opposite case, when r eeming after payment, the r emption operation automatically uses the payment exchange rate for conversion. We also notic that the system calculates the exchange rate difference and generates the corresponding payment entry when paying after repayment at the planning stage. This proc ure is govern by the accounting rules for commercial contracts execut using emb d derivatives that are inseparable from the host contract.