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Advice from the author To avoid chaos in the graphics use fonts from the same family for example. Only change the stylefrom bold to normal . Alignment Alignment includes hierarchy balance the rhythm of all graphics and much more. Items should never be thrown around on their own they must always have their place. Especially when it comes to text. Center alignments Left alignment Mix alignment Space White space or negative space is simply empty space that you leave between various design elements graphics or text. Always appreciate her.

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It allows you to strengthen the message and mark where the most crucial information is locat . Perhaps you know some projects where there were so many elements that you did not know where to focus your eyes. Probably the white space was missing. Shapes Iran WhatsApp Number List Sometimes the problem in designing our graphics is that we don’t know what elements to add to it. And more what shapes to add. We distinguish geometric organic. Each of them affects us differently. However they are essential to organize our project show the voice of our brand sometimes add key elements of our brand.

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They also help to highlight items and show hierarchy . colors When choosing colors for our project we should take into account many factors. First readability. According to the WCAG guidelines the contrast should be around It can be easily check via the WebAIM website . Second color psychology . For example warm colors mean something joyful and energetic. Cold ones on the other hand are calmer and more delicate. There are also neutral colorsshades of white bla BTC Database US ck and whole. High Contrast Low Contrast When I create a graphic design I always want a base so I use one neutral color for sure. Then I choose a maximum of two colors. Thanks to this I maintain aesthetics and can better organize the information.

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