Entrepreneurs running a business

The Ministry of Development and Technology MRiT has propos further solutions. Which we will write about in today’s publication. Changes in CEIDG – the new draft law assumes Entrepreneurs running extensive changes. The draft act assumes the introduction of new simplifications for users, also taking into account previous suggestions submitt by entrepreneurs. So let’s look at what changes are to be made Simplifying the registration process and creating one place CEIDG for publishing information about a civil partnership Introducing the possibility of submitting applications for entry in CEIDG only online, thus eliminating the ne for paper form Electronicization and extension of the scope of information.

On powers of attorney grant

By entrepreneurs in CEIDG Automation of processes and data exchange by integrating CEIDG with other IT systems Creating the possibility for licensing authorities to keep a register of regulat activities as part of the service provid by the Ministry of Development and Technology MRiT and specifying the scope of data provid by licensing authorities and craft chambers philippines photo editor Increasing the efficiency and optimization of processes relat to the CEIDG register and the Entrepreneur Information Point PIP , including expanding the catalog of documents that can be attach to the application for entry into CEIDG, notification of cessation of activities subject to tax on goods and services VAT .

WITH Clarifying the regulations

Including in the scope of a succession management, b providing data in CEIDG, c trustee, d information on craft qualifications, e conditions for correcting the entry in CEIDG Below we will write a few words about each of the changes. Simplifying the registration process BTC Database US The simplification of the registration process is particularly aim at civil partnerships. In this case, the registration process includes a number of activities, which makes it very time-consuming, including to submit application documents to tax office US , Central Statistical Office, Social Insurance Institution ZUS Agricultural Social Insurance Fund KRUS as the payer of contributions.