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The SEO tasks examples of promts . Product SEO In the past many companies used a projectbased approach to SEO. This means that SEO specialists dealt mainly with technical issues setting up a website attracting traffic from search engines. And other departments and specialists were involved in the creation and development of the product itself and work with clients. But over time this approach ceased to be effective. Because SEO was disconnected from the real needs of users and the business goals of the company.

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Organizations are switching to a product approach to SEO. Its essence is Qatar Telegram Number Data the close integration of optimization with all processes of creating and promoting a website. Within the product approach an SEO specialist does not simply attract traffic at any cost. He studies the requests and needs of the audience and participates in improving the usability of the product. The focus is on conveying to users the key benefits of products and services. This approach allows you to more effectively increase conversion and solve important business problems using SEO. As a result optimization is seamlessly integrated with the development strategy of the entire digital product.

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Study the search queries that people use to look for Qatar Phone Number List your productsservices. This will help you better understand your audiences motivations and pain points. Involve an SEO specialist in product development. Let him participate in the discussion of functionality content usability along with other team members. Build a content strategy based on user needs and business goals. Create useful content around the product. Use analytics data Google Analytics Yandex.Metrica to track the effectiveness of product SEO and improve the product. Train employees in the basics of SEO so that optimization occurs systematically at all levels and not just by a separate department. Mobile First approach Every year more and more people access the Internet.