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Ultimately the leader has to make the final decision but teamwork helps them shape the path forward and increase engagement. Maintaining good communication with your current employees about your plan will provide your team with clear direction on how to move forward without departing employees. Having a plan and direction, however, does not minimize the impact of such games on your team. For example when a key employee resigns it may lead to retention issues for existing employees. When a key team member leaves he leaves others wondering if they should too.

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Basically it signals to current team members that opportunities Job Function Email List exist outside the organization. Leaving can also leave current team members feeling overwhelmed, listless or distraught, especially if the leaving employee is their friend. That’s why it’s important to maintain good communication with your current employees at this stage of the plan to understand how they are doing and if there is anything you can do to support them during the transition. Be sure to schedule regular team follow-up meetings in the weeks after a key employee leaves. Ask them how well they think the team is doing.

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If there is anything they need to thrive during the transition. These regular BTC Database US follow-ups will help you monitor any morale productivity or engagement issues and allow you to address them before they escalate and cannibalize the team. For example, let’s say that during follow-up you discover that some current employees feel less cohesive as a team since losing such an important member of the team. In this case you can arrange more activities to foster team spirit. Or suppose you find it difficult for existing employees to fulfill new responsibilities after the employee leaves. In this case you should prioritize finding a replacement.