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It is thanks to these wonderful gadgets, devices, tools and machines that they design that our society can move forward. But have you ever wondered if Nikola Tesla or Marie Curie were living today, what domain names would they use for their web pages? In this post we take a look at the history of some important inventors and what they would be in the new digital age. look. Leonardo da Vinci Leonardo was a universal genius. Not content with being a Renaissance artist and visionary scientist, he became one of history’s greatest engineers.

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He invented helicopters and main battle tanks Brazil Mobile Number List long before they were technically feasible. He is known for designing power looms and hydraulic saws. He also drew plans for submarines and robots. His contributions to the engineering community are virtually endless. Domain Name Galileo Galileo Galileo was another famous inventor. Italian scientists were able to build telescopes never seen before and thus made possible rapid developments in all fields related to astronomy and cosmology. He was also able to improve upon the already primitive compass to create an instrument essential to the new travels of the time.

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Domain name Isaac Newton Newton was the first person BTC Database US to be able to explain gravity. He was the inventor of the reflecting telescope which greatly improved the situation at the time and was. Also able to reduce the problems that most telescopes had over the years. Domain Name Benjamin Franklin Although his name is usually more. Because of his political career the truth is that Franklin was a very important inventor of mankind who discovered electricity and made inventions like Franklin’s stove bifocal lenses and the lightning rod. Edison is the quintessential inventor and the embodiment of the American spirit of inquiry and entrepreneurship.

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