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Course if you use any of the words once it does not mean that your message will end up in SPAM. However pay attention not to overuse them and most importantly try not to include them in campaign titles. Read our article that will tell you how to avoid SPAM by using inappropriate words. The colors us in the template are consider suspicious by mailbox spam filters Anti spam tools have learn that spam messages often contain r font so try not to use it. The same applies to the so call invisible fontsfonts in the background color.

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Do not use bright colors that may suggest the use of sales tricks. Shipping without cancellation link and sender’s details This is an unforgivable error for anti spam filters for which the cribility of the sending domain counts. Always include your company Italy WhatsApp Number List details and an unsubscribe link in the footer of the email. This affects not only deliverability but also the trust or loyalty of recipients to you as the sender. Note that a message without an unsubscribe link counts as ruc content. The only reliable method to check if an email ends up in SPAM is to test the message template.

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Set up a mailbox with the most popular providers such as Onet Interia or Gmail and test various possibilities in order to be able to enjoy the success of your email marketing . Apply the above suggestions in your activities and you will definitely increase your chances of reaching your audience. Summary how not to end up in SPAM Verify DKIM for your do BTC Database US main. Analyze campaign results on an ongoing basis. Check which addresses are unsafe for your shipments. Pay attention not to use template elements that may affect the fact that the message will end up in the SPAM tab.

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