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Mandatory fields are mark with * What is SIP Trunk and how it works Mar 15, 2023 | Call centers , Innovation | 0 Comments IP telephony is one of the most us at the moment by call center companies . It allows us to go one step further and do things that conventional telephony was not even imagin. It is so broad that there are dozens of concepts and new scalability paths that, as a call center, you can squeeze. Today we talk about the SIP Trunk or SIP Trunk ! What is a SIP Trunk or SIP Trunk? A SIP Trunk ( Session Initiation Protocol Trunk ) is a connection that allows the transmission of voice, video and data over the Internet .

A SIP Trunk is a perfect alternative

To traditional lines that are connect via cable. You Cyprus Phone Number List don’t ne a dicat physical line for each call: SIP Trunk uses a broadband line to transmit multiple calls simultaneously . That is, a company can have an unlimit number of communication channels without requiring a large infrastructure. It is a virtual connection between the call center and the company that provides conventional telephone services. How does a SIP Trunk work? Thanks to SIP Trunk, calls made from companies that have opt for IP technology travel through the Internet . The numbers us up to now are not lost: the provider responsible for supplying the SIP Trunk is in charge of porting them to the new service.

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This system is ideal for companies

That ne to include more communication channels and cannot face an expansion of the physical lines. Of course, the equipment us in the call center must be properly configur to use the SIP protocols. In summary, a SIP Trunk is an efficient and cost-effective way for businesses to handle their telephone communications using BTC Database US the Internet.  will not be publish. Mandatory fields are mark with * How to segment your email databases. To get better results Mar 8, 2023 | Databases , Email marketing | 0 Comments Segment . It is one of the most repeat words in the world of advertising and mass mailing . Without segmentation, any campaign loses potential and remains halfway to success.

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