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Of the window handy lines to help bank staff navigate in multitasking mode displays thumbnail images of all open screens and a log of recently open objects where you can view the most recent actions. Network. Article. A series of open interfaces for multi-window graphs of course we are in the ability to use webcams and scanners has been add to the system. If the loan officer’s workplace is equipp with these devices, he will be able to use them to take pictures of customers, capture signature samples, scan document images and attach them to subject cards or any of their products. We believe we have complet the task set to make the interface of the loan officer workplace simple and intuitive. Still ne to find out the opinion of our esteem client who is the strictest judge.

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Than version and you’ll immiately see data about crypt SMS Gateway Finland products in a new modern-looking interface. The simpler the interface management process, the easier it is for users to navigate. It was this principle that the company’s developers follow when transferring. The automat system for issuing bank statements to the interface. A new subsystem was creat for the publication of reports intend for submission to the bank of Russia reports of the central bank. The functionality and service capabilities of the regulat reporting module have been transferr into its convenient and informative interface.

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To be retrain as the principles of using the new application BTC Database US remain the same. The interface will provide many additional options that greatly facilitate their work. Share multi-window as it is the first thing users will definitely notice is the ability. To have multiple windows open at the same time to scroll and perform their task graph in each window. For example, opening a report in one window and opening a reference book or other table in another window.

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