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To wait until all the search parameters are enter to get a clear match, just enter one or more parameters and click the find client button. Then a graph of the list of people matching the search criteria will be display on the screen. Selecting one of these will initiate its automatic recognition. Rice. To identify a customer from the list to search by full name and to find the same name you ne to use the button in the title of the customer information area to cancel the complet identification and continue with the further search.

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To the bank for the first time and is not currently Bulgaria Email List in the system database. Operators can then register without leaving the customer service panel. To this end please use the new client button in the header of the client identification area see image and complete the application form image. You will also be prompt to enter a new customer into the system when trying to identify a service customer if no records with the specifi search parameters are found in the system database. Also the parameters already set in the customer search field will be transferr to his profile so you don’t have to enter them again.

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After the customer questionnaire

Customer identity verification is successful, the BTC Database US customer information area will switch from the search mode to the serv natural person profile display mode. All bank products will be display in the product service tree. If the client is identifi by one of its product or application objects then the product and service tree will be position on that product. Therefore, in the customer service panel, the operator can operate on the customer’s existing products and provide a one-time service for the customer to open a new product. How it does it to perform an action you must first select a client product or one of its application objects in the tree.