Support and Data Exchange

With other external systems install in the bank are translat into understandable phrases and become the main place for storing data and administrative functions. Data chang in automatic replication at the same time. If changes. The data associat with the function being transferr to sends a request to confirm those changes before confirming the transaction. Adjustments are only sav in the database if the request is successfully confirm . Picture. When discrepancies between versions and data are found, the data of the systems responsible for them are generally consider correct.

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Made by this method and left as is Cameroon Email List With background in the order of operations scheme when replicating changes. In this case we take as a starting point a certain target bank that previously us automation but without the backend and the requir functionality fully or partially cover by third-party external systems or by the bank’s own development. Rice. Figure scenario target bank’s infrastructure assuming that the target bank is interest in installing the company’s back-office applications, we recommend that it use a series of systems as the most powerful. At the same time, in order to significantly r uce the implementation labor cost and maintain the bank’s own development.

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Systems, including the joint integrat operation BTC Database US technology we provide. Install back office diagram. Rice. The interactive program and the back office operate in parallel in this configuration. All accounting of individual accounts and is a general l ger balance sheet provid on the basis of the following principles are maintain in the accounting core of . It also ensures the operation of the serial back office whose functions have not been transferr to as well as other external systems install at the bank and integrat with them.