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Additional resources to help you create a social media calendar. Ready to refresh your posts table of contents hide make a plan plan content content types design tools for every network having a little organization and a schedule at least lets you know what you’re posting each week. You will be able to allocate the right resources at the right time and of course enough time to produce the content. Now you’re thinking this seems easy but how do I do it.

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These points are key. Define your goals. Specific Dominican Republic Mobile Number List measurable, achievable, relevant and timely. What are your goals in your network? Sell, gain notoriety, customer loyalty. It’s important to know that you don’t have to be in all networks or you have to prioritize certain networks based on your goals. Don’t forget about special dates like Christmas, black Friday and cyber ​​Monday. These dates will last forever. International days as well. What works best image video infographics you have to be aware of the latest trends and identify what users are looking for through keywords. Write your followers will rejoice.

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Copy all your posts must be accompanied by a message BTC Database US that communicates exactly what you want to communicate with your followers. But is all content valid for all networks? What if I share the same thing in all of them? Wrong content per network Facebook twitter content types vary depending on the network you use. We won’t lie to you here that there isn’t a magic formula that hits the nail on the head, but one thing we do know is that video and image formats are the most used formats on the web. Brand messages and promotional content are ideal for creating valuable information on the website using carousels.