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Blog comments blog comments represent an attractive environment in which links to our site can be plac. What is difficult in these cases is that the person in charge of the blog allows the inclusion of the link and we do it in a natural way. Anyway even if these two factors are fulfill we must also pay attention to the quality factors that the blog must satisfy such as whether it is relat to our topic or whether it is an authoritative site. Social profiles social profiles are permit to contain links to our website for promotional purposes in principle. Some platforms verify these links for purposes of verification and therefore pass it on.

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They are great fun to include on any page or profile we manage. In Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List any case they offer the possibility of direct access from users or followers on the said platform and therefore these links are always recommend. Press releases we may obtain links to authoritative m ia through press releases. What is difficult in these cases is that the m ia will consider issuing a press release and retaining a link to our website within it. For this we must have a high quality website according to the standards of these m iums and provide content that is really useful to the users because they only publish it when they determine the best information value.

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Links in the footer or sidebar it is not recommend to BTC Database US add links in the footer or sidebar. The fact that they appear in all of the pages on the web is a wake-up call for search bots because they don’t meet natural criteria other than being constantly copi. In these cases a sponsor link is recommend which has no benefit but which offers a high potential for visits due to the popularity of the site. Content marketing although from an off-page perspective before we focus on buying links or implementing links, content marketing will aim at creating high-quality content to be offer on third-party portals.