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Understanding analysis is not an easy job;  does it: it does it for you. With over 20,000 14 happy users, iconosquare offers a XNUMX-day free trial to help you start your data-driven journey. Increase your brand presence by understanding how engaging your content is. Understand community-based demographics for growth and export visual charts with a click. Thats not all! You can create a custom dashboard to display all your metrics in one place. Track in real time and receive automated reports n over 100 metrics.

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When it comes to stories, you can also see Insights for each story in addition to the analytics overview on th account hit and one account  new data compromised. Click on a story and clik th Insights tab. You can see an overview of the accounts reached, the accounts invlved, and the profile activity for each story. You can also see a unique metric, Navigation, for your stories. It will let you know how many accounts moved on to the next story, left their stories, or came back.  Did you know that you can also track how the audience reached found your post? Althouh currently only avaiable for posts, you can see how many accounts found your post in your Home eed.

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You can also use iconosquare to schedule the publication of your posts or create important analytics reports. Also, you can send your content to BTC Database US  your team for review and identify unread comments/messages. The days of manual labor are over! Retrieve mentions, reply or delete comments. Its random comment picker will also help you identify exciting comments. You can use this to engage with your audience or declare the winner of social contests, giveaways, and more!