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What is direct marketing? Direct Marketing is a technique that is bas on action/reaction. Seeks to post a message/action and get a response from the customer. This response can be a sale, a lead , or a phone call. For example, a company publishes an offer on viscoelastic mattresses on a billboard in Albacete. This is direct marketing, since the action of publishing the ad looks for sales in the users who see it . What is Indirect Marketing? Indirect Marketing aims to retain users and improve brand image .

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A direct sale or a phone call, but rather have Egypt Phone Number List the objective of permeating and positioning themselves in the minds of users . For example, a wooden door company makes a television ad in which it shows its commitment to the environment and how it works daily to ruce its CO2 emissions. You are giving visibility to your messages, but you are not looking for concrete action in your audience. Which is better for your company? Most likely, if you are just starting out in the world of advertising, you should make use of direct marketing . It is not necessarily cheaper, but it is faster to get results. Running an indirect marketing campaign could have no effect if your company is not well known.

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Could get you sales and success in no time. Send comment Your email address will not be publish. Mandatory fields are mark with * 11 keys of “telephone etiquette” for ‘call centers’ Feb 8, 2023 | Call centers | 0 Comments You may have never heard the term “ telephone etiquette ” in reference to a call center a certificate or rule, as it is BTC Database US more relat to the term “dress etiquette”. In contact centers it is us to refer to the rules establish by the call center itself to communicate, address to the agents. What is phone etiquette? It is a set of rules that are set in a call center to determine the tone, words, phrases and level of ucation when talking to customers.

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