Communication Campaign Went Viral Because There

communication campaign successfully. To do this, the first step was to define the objectives that the brand was pursuing. Next, came the choice of the main message to adequately show the concept of the brand, looking for a reason for both the brand logo, the design and even the typography. “We combined marketing with the CSR of our company, seeking originality and we made a series of videos to launch Royo explaining the values. In this way, we managed to hook the public and we launched more spots,” explains Nuria. On the other hand, to follow a good

communication strategy it is very important to have

everything scheduled. “ It has worked very well for us to have everything captured in a calendar organized into different themes that we want to convey throughout the month. Instagram is the greatest tool we have, since we have a communication strategy it is very important to have lot of user loyalty thanks to it. My advice is to make your brand powerful and grow on a single social network and over time advance in the rest.” “INTERACTION WITH THE PUBLIC IS ESSENTIAL TO OBTAIN FEEDBACK FROM POTENTIAL CLIENTS.” To grow in services you have to communi  B2b Email List  cate very well what you do, provide value and differentiate yourself from the competition. One of the best formats for this are the reels offered by Instagram, that is, short

videos in which you can use songs of the moment

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and dynamic videos in which you can use songs of the moment so that they go viral and reach more people. TOOLS TO BOOST YOUR COMPANY’S CSR BLOG: It is very useful to have this communication channel as an extra section on your company’s website. The blog is a traditional means of communication, but it is always good to maintain a hybrid format to provide information to the consumer, although the greatest dedication usually occurs on social networks. INFLUENCER MARKETING: It is one of the marketing that works best t    BTC Database US  oday and is gaining a lot of ground over other advertising channels. “Influencers are people who have a very loyal target audience and who trust everything they recommend, so the message that person will give about