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Facebook Twitter LinkIn Google Pinterest Buffer Do you ever wonder why conversion on your website isn’t improving See the top analytics tools that will help you improve the results of your campaign. As a result you will build better communication with your Lebanon WhatsApp Number List audience. The recipient clicks on the link you plac in the campaign. And what’s next You can discover the detail actions of each recipient from the moment they click on the link in the mailing. Just use our script. Log in to the application and generate the code by going to the Settings menu and then Tracking codes.

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Now you place the script wherever you want to rirect your clienton the registration confirmation page in the registration form on the creat Landing Page on your blog. Thanks to this the user going to specific pages and even their subpages will be mo BTC Database US nitor and you will receive a detail report on their activities . What does it give You can now easily analyze the path of his behavior and make changes that will allow you to choose the right strategy . Trackinf codes email Examples of imaginary tracking codes from the FreshMail tool Adding such codes is easier.