Accounting in Commercial Contracts

Subsystem for tenants to accurately record the payment and accrual of lease payments for lease obligations. Let us consider the main case of tenant lease payment accounting bas on the payment sch ule form in the commercial contract accounting subsystem. All postings list below are for the obligations of the contract execut in the general case where the contract is an expense type mark with rent. Circumstances are paid and accru in phases of the plan lease payments are repaid on or earlier than the date indicat on the payment date.

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Complete the payment proc ure and then the stage Denmark Email List emption proc ure. The payment of lease payments relat to the current billing cycle is reflect in the following vat payment amount entry. When settling with non-residents, if the lessee has the duty of a tax agent to pay vat to the budget, this obligation establishes the duty to exclude the vat amount from the budget under the vat priority scheme. So if the parameter of the counterparty has the non-resident attribute and the vat accounting scheme is specifi in the obligation, then in addition to the lease payment transaction a vat transfer to budget transaction is generat . This entry reflects the accrual of vat charges. For account types and users specify personal accounts to calculate vat charges. In particular the account type represents the account to which the vat amount is attribut to the cost price.

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Payment and the user has set the flag on the expense record BTC Database US see error no reference source found. Then the vat amount on this record will be charg to the cost price account type. The vat amount will be cr it to the account by account type if no allocation is perform. The user does not set the flag on the expense record. So if in our example the charge allocation is given the accru vat charge will be reflect in both entries for the vat amount in the expense record with no attribute and the vat amount in the expense record with the attribute . . The fact that lease payments are accru is reflect in the system through the repayment proc ure.