Combination of the work and activities

In a way what I’m going to say will be nothing new to people who are somehow relat to projects. One of the first challenges is putting together a good team on both sides. I.E. A of engineers in the company who know their industry very well with the work of a scientific team that has a very large theoretical and practical knowlge. The regime of research and development work is quite different from the regime of work in a commercial company.

The team turns out to be a challenge

However not only the completion of  here but also its maintenance in efficient operation for several years. If we can do that as we did that’s already a big achievement. The second challenge which is also quite typical is the availability of the right data. The fact is Phone Number List that companies have a lot of different data. However it is only during the implementation of research and development projects that it often turns out that the proper preparation and processing of data that the company already has is in itself difficult and time consuming.

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At some business conferences

There is a certain level of naivety that all you ne is to have a lot of data pay enough to a machine learning expert and wait a while to bring out novel effects from ai. And if we want fast results All we ne is a few more machine learning specialists. Laughs therefore it often turns out that the challenge is for the company to change its mindset a bit. The third challenge is the chan BTC Database US ging requirements during the implementation of the project e.G. From the market. Projects like sendguard are very ambitious but also long term. And the situation on the market and in business can rush. In addition a pandemic broke out during the project.

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