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Share empathy with the culture and art of this country and quickly become popular. Just days to admit that it was wrong to delete posts and to allow and acknowledge that we make exceptions based on the circumstances of the image. When there is a clear artistic background. E. When is art when is offense they said the other day in a series that reminded me of this topic it said if art can’t take you out of your comfort zone then what’s the point of art has to bring us something it has to question us. But this week’s controversies don’t end there. Another recent case of controversy is.

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Composer Sahara’s poster for her latest album, put Japan Phone Number List is a clear statement of entitlement and self-esteem. One of her promotional images featured herself portrayed as a virgin. In this case the opposite image of her album title is very bold and successful because she always wanted to express and present in the communication strategy. The example here in fact they also analyzed here the dichotomy caused by these two advertising posters sums up the controversies happening in our country these days. Other examples of art censorship yet censorship exists not only in the digital world because in the world we are.

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Some controversial works can also be found. For BTC Database US example, we can clearly see what they want to express in. This image from Germany, or another image from France that simply carries a cigarette in her hand. A similar thing happened with the new season’s ad because the statement had an implied double meaning. In this case it didn’t break any municipal ordinance despite the city council’s attempts to remove it. When they did let one of their billboards down they opted for a clear double meaning announcing the second season of sex education.

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