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The search engine itself can read the data when the page is cod. Let’s look at an example of a structur data testing tool in use. For this we will use the code provid in its official guide Google Structur Data Testing Tool Code in Structur Data Testing Tool As we can see in the image we can choose whether we want to use the google bot of the smartphone or choose the computer Google bot to verify the code. We will then click on Test Code Rich Results Tester Structur Data Testing Tool View In view the tool is in two separate screens.

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shows us the input code on the one hand and the test results on Georgia Mobile Number List the other. In the Test Results section the tool warns us if the page is suitable for generating snippets and two other interesting options Generate Results Preview If we click on this option we will be able to simulate how the schema example will look in. Result Preview in Preview Result View Render In this option we can process and render all codes with scripts on the right side of the tool. Method Insertion Microformats This is one of the more complex configurations of the two methods. Implementing a FAQ schema using microdata involves coding elements on the website.

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Hiring a developer is recommend for this task as it can be a t ious BTC Database US and challenging. Process if you don’t have the necessary knowl ge. Next we’ll see an example of microdata in one format Microdata example in microdata format is the same. As the example us Structur Data Tester tool We can use to see. The rich results achiev through this micro in. Structur Data Tester Format. The code view method with microformats in the tool is includ. In the classic itor without plugins For this method we will use the free generator.