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Shown in the table. When running tests for one application the rest of the application sits idle without loading server resources. Table server specification processor type. Number of cores on processor number of processors application server. Rice. Diagram component placement schematic script sequence start the service of issuing loans according to the calling order in . A time delay of seconds is set between service calls which corresponds to the maximum intensity of user work in m ium. An emulator stub is implement by a service with minimal or no logic ideally in a service.

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To get the identifier and returns it in the service’s Western Sahara Email List response. The response of the service depends on the parameters in the request. The response logic uses the script implementation. During the test, the number of services execut by a given number of threads within a specifi time is count . The execution time of all services, including asynchronous services, can be delay if the queue overflows, and the minimum, average, and maximum execution time of each service are determin separately. The synchronous part is track according to the data. The execution time of the asynchronous service is record in the database. Graphs of usage and server memory consum by the application are also record.

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The understanding of the comparison results, the BTC Database US performance indicators of the integrat bus of the three integrat solutions obtain in the test are present in the form of graphs. We invite you to familiarize yourself with them. The graph shows the throughput of the integrat solution as a function of the number of streams per hour per application. Rice. The graph throughput dependence on number of threads shows the graph of the dependence of the average time of synchronization services on the number of threads.