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When a quarantine orphan page exists it appears to be invisible even though it is on the sitemap because it has no links to it and cannot be found. This can lead to a host of issues: traffic loss potential, seo drawbacks, visibility, authority and possible penalties, which we’ll discuss in more detail later on. It is now clear that potential orphan pages should be fix regardless of site size. This is possible and common maintenance practice. Why websites have orphan pages there are various reasons why a website has orphan pages, even if it is its owner or developer.

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This was not consider or known at some point. Often these types Tongliao Phone Number List of pages are inconvenient on web platforms due to changes made in the wrong way that’s why it often leads to human error. Below we show the main scenarios that generate or lead to orphan pages on a website. Sometimes the internal links of website pages are change. This causes some addresses to be remove because they are not necessary, old or us for site optimization. Many times even after removing the link the page still floats on the site without being completely remove. Types of testing that end users are not expos to.

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Pages remain there and are not delete after they have BTC Database US been us in website development. When a landing page or a landing page is generate temporarily to call. A user to become a customer of the website for example during a promotion Christmas or other time. After some time the page is delete but the index is still there when a category is remove from the menu of the website but it doesn’t pages left when correctly¬† erecting to another category creat in its place have no links on the platform. Many orphan pages are often generate during site migrations that change format addresses and settings but are not delete and will be.