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Your live stream and select the three dots that appear in the comment box. There you will see “add moderator” and you just have to search the list. Of people who are watch your live to add it. How to invite someone to your Instagram live (you can do it with up to 4 people at a time). Go live and select the person’s icon from the bottom bar . There you can select someone from the list of attendees to join live. You can also access the camera icon to see if that person has already sent you the request to join your live stream. How to publish your live on the Instagram fe.

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you can share it in the fe so that people who have France Phone Number List not been able to attend for various reasons can view it deferr. To do this, you must end your live and select the share button . You will ne to fill in the caption and you can add a cover, location, and tags . You can also include your live video in a series (kind of like YouTube playlists, but with Instagram videos). How to recover a direct from Instagram? If you’ve gone live without shar it and want to get it back, don’t worry. Access your Instagram profile and click on the three stripes that appear in the upper right corner.

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The option that interests us is “file archive of stories, your archive of publications and your archive of live videos. Select the last option and your latest live shows will appear there so you can download or share them. Direct ones are only sav for 30 days. Instagram live ideas This will depend on what your goal is with your live shows BTC Database US but here are some interest ideas if you want to start do live shows on your Instagram account. Sell ​​a product, service or info product By this I do not mean that you appear as in the teleshopp, but rather that you work on content that is interest for your potential customer and that shows.