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As the name implies these pages can be crawl but not index a priori. So you better make sure that none of the sections or pages you want to target have this tag. Tip: crawl your site regularly and make sure no pages that are valuable to your business are mark with directives. Also configure alerts so that you are alert imm iately in case of misplacement. Misconfiguring labels labels are often a headache and of course it is not uncommon to see errors in their implementation. Most often it is cit incorrectly. The other is to place relative instead of absolute. This can cause indexing issues.

Product pages should have

Tip always check your implementations and verify 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers that they show no errors during crawling using crawling tools and themselves. Skip errors many webmasters do not fix these errors despite warnings in their coverage section. Depending on the type of site, they can continue to grow uninterrupt , numbering in the thousands or tens of thousands if no rem ial action is taken. It is always convenient to solve them each one is solv in the best possible way. In some cases it will be through r irects, in other cases you would expect them to return and in other cases they may be due.

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Only one consecutive title

You should change it if this error occurs. Tips don’t accumulate BTC Database US errors keep your site in optimal health orphan pages many times we find this problem when analyzing a website. Pages that are potentially important and are not in the navigation menu or footer and cannot be access via any internal links. This makes it difficult to be detect by other search engines. Tip make sure every page that is valuable to you on a user level and level is properly link on your site. Content if the content is king, you ne to take good care of it and try to avoid the following mistakes and repetitions.