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Makes sense because employees are more productive and more attentive to customer and more to company process standards and systems. Productivity, output quality, and workplace morale are much higher when employee engagement is high. Only most employees are regularly on a weekly basis. Since turnover is directly related to lack of recognition, employees’ achievements and efforts should be recognized regularly. If you don’t, you could even lose your best employees. By building an internal social platform, you can facilitate and simplify real-time identification and achieve more efficient and effective results. Employee turnover losses exceed 100 million per year.

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Gallup’s annual study on employee engagement Israel Mobile Number List found that the annual cost of keeping employees in the country is between $100 million and $100 million. Studies conducted in the United States have shown that disgruntled and unhappy employees can cause huge financial losses to companies. Since high turnover can also lead to low productivity, poor quality of work and absence within the company, employee loyalty programs should be used to prevent this from happening. of employees say their employer never asks for feedback. Imagine a workplace where no one listens to you and you can’t say what you think. Higher feedback is important for business growth and certainly lower for employees.

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The turnover rate is also very important, the higher BTC Database US the employee loyalty. When employees have the opportunity to give feedback at the company they work for they feel valued and see their ideas counted. Changing Loyalty Programs with Travel and Experience Rewards Home Blog Changing Loyalty Programs with Travel and Experience Rewards When building a rewards system that is a fundamental part of a loyalty program, it is necessary to give special attention to the travel and experiences component to differentiate it from the competition. Through memorable experiences and trips you can maximize the loyalty and loyalty of your end user, dealer or employee.